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Santa Monica | 2005 | Pastel on board 8 × 6 inches | Collection of the artist Vietnam, 2001 Pastel on paper 9 × 12 inches | Private collection Vietnam, 2001 ## KATE LAYTON In this part of the book, we have included the work of a number of artists who are included in our Photo Covens gallery. Kate Layton is an American artist who works in a number of different styles, including sculpture, photo-collage and assemblage. She is in fact a multi-media artist who has collaborated with Jason Lazarus. Layton studied in the U.S., Europe and the U.K. She works predominantly in the United States and has received awards in a number of categories, including in the prestigious John D. Houghton Memorial Award Competition. Her work can be seen in many public art collections, both in the U.S. and abroad. This work is part of the "Creation and Distortion" series. The series, as the title implies, is about artists' perceptions of reality. All of the works in the series feature photographs. Each of the photographs is altered, manipulated and sometimes altered again. Layton explains, "A photograph of a street scene is transformed by juxtaposing it with the sun. In the street scene, the sun casts no shadows. In the sunlit version, the shadow of a telephone pole comes up and casts a long shadow on the ground. And of course the shadow serves to give a person in the middle of the picture a sense of reality." Layton continues, "Photographs can be manipulated for comic effect. In one picture, I blended the heads of a boy and a girl to make it look like a shadowed head. Then I swapped their faces. In another picture, I inserted a dog into a photograph, to show how reality can be distorted." Layton created this work in the center of an archive of her earlier work, which featured "photos with broken images of the sun, the moon, girls, and birds, overlaid with flimsy pieces of tape that melded these images to a new perception of reality." 8 × 10 inches Color photograph From Kate Layton: This is the first




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